About Us

Welcome to Q.E.D, the home of the Quiet and the Easily Distracted.

He’s Quiet, I’m Easily Distracted, nice to meet you.

I created this blog to keep our families in the know about our lives, since they are spackled across the country (the family that is, not our lives). If you are not family, then you’re welcome to read this blog but I promise nothing about its entertainment quality. Actually, even if you are family, I still promise nothing about its entertainment quality. We are homebodies with borderline hermit tendencies, so if the cat throws up that’s pretty much news worthy. Consider yourself warned.

This blog is also a good place for me to show off my mad photography skills prove to the world that I have no photography skills whatsoever.

Of course, if you are in my family then you already know everything about us and this section is utterly useless. Vamoose! But in case you stumble onto this blog from somewhere else and you don’t know us, then this section is for you.

What is QED?

If you are not well versed in your mathematical proofs, Q.E.D is used to label the end of a proof. It is the abbreviation from latin of Quod Erat Demonstrandum (“which was to be demonstrated”). It summarize nicely who were are, two very argumentative people and (bonus) two math enthousiasts. “Q.E.D” is frequently used in our household to rub in the end of a winning argument, usually followed with a colorful insulting name aiming to hurt the feelings of the losing party.

Who is Ariane?

Born and raised in Montreal, so my first language is French but I’ve been in California for 10 years.

I have: no memory, no attention span, no patience, too much energy and zero focus.

I am addicted to: change, starting new projects I know I won’t finish, reading health articles, electronics, tea, cheese, quiz games, and peanut butter.

I am: an alto sax player, a programmer, and animal knowledge extraordinaire.

Who is Chris?

Chris was born and raised in Ohio. He’s been in California for 5 years, and his life is also here (because I’ve limited our living possibilities to anywhere with no snow, no mosquitoes, and a maximum of 10 degrees difference between winter and summer, day and night).

Chris has: an appetite for knowledge like I’ve never seen before, the memory of an elephant, and the focus of a sniper riffle.

Chris is addicted to: video games, reading, cheese, Trader Joe’s salsa, and coffee.

Chris is: a juggler, a programmer, and a workaholic.

Along for the ride?

Raven: Female mostly black cat. Named after Raven in “Snow Crash” by Neal Stephenson.

Gabrielle Faye: Female human. We were nice enough not to name her after any weird book character. Alright, we’re not that nice… “Faye” is from the anime Coybow Bepop.


Unnamed, unborned baby #2: Female human, again! Expected November 17th, 2013.


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