quiet here….

Hey, first actual post!I figured I’d have to write something soon or Ariane would change the title of the blog to the silent and the attention deficit and that’s just sad:) I need enough communication to keep me in the quiet but not antisocial category.  Anyway…..

There’s a couple reasons I’m writing.  First we’ve just discovered a new way to waste time under the guise of intellectual stimulation.  The other day Ariane and I were reading penny-arcade*, and the joke of the day was about a new game that’s being offered on xbox live. The game is called 1 vs 100 and from what we’ve seen it’s a bit like most other large multiplayer quiz games.  The game is setup so that it looks like your avatar is in an actual gameshow with the stage itself strongly resembling something you’d find on who wants to be a millionaire.  The audience is given questions with 3 possible answers and a very short amount of time to pick one.  It seems there are two main modes of play.  The only one that we’ve tried has been Extended Play, which pretty much moves along as you’d expect.  The games are 1/2 hour sessions with some commercials run every 10 min or so, which is actually nice since it lets people catch their breath (which is to say, allow their face to return to a normal color after yelling about how much they hate quiz games and that the other players are obviously deep blue and that crazy guy from jeopardy).  Of course catching your breath** is contingent on not being overly sensitive to the statistics they allow you to access during the breaks.  You see each section of the game is played with at most four “local” players who you compete directly against, but after each session graphs and diagrams on how thoroughly you are being trounced by the global community (thousands each time we’ve played) are displayed for your viewing pleasure.  The commercials also serve another function in that the game itself is free.  Now, I mentioned two play modes… the other which we haven’t had a chance to try yet seems to be a much more official event.  Apparently, Extended Play is just a means for qualifying for the full game, the better you do the more likely you are to be picked to play.  This is where the whole one vs 100 thing really makes sense.  The full game is even more like who wants to be a millionaire where there is a “live” person administering the questions and the one is some poor sap in the center who is presumably up against 100 audience members.  Honestly, we don’t know much else other than that it’s possible to win prizes for playing in the full game. They only run it for about an hour each night at a preset time and our schedules*** haven’t let us check it out yet.  We’ve really enjoyed playing it so far with two sessions on Wednesday and two more on Thursday.  The reason that I didn’t write to you about this straight away was that I may have been beaten on Wednesday, well really it was almost a tie, I mean fractions of percents of halves of points difference really ****, anyway I had to regain some honor and firmly place myself in the lead before I wrote about anything.  It’s not close at all now*****.

The second reason I’m writing is that we’re going to visit Tesla today.  WOOOO!!!!!  Should be a good road trip.  I’m really looking forward to seeing their stuff, maybe picking up a t-shirt or something.  Anyway, more on this later.

Oh and ******


* http://penny-arcade.com/comic/2009/7/13/ and the blog: http://penny-arcade.com/2009/7/13/

** lowering your blood pressure

*** pronounced mental reminders

**** don’t pay any attention to what Ariane says

***** seriously don’t listen to her

****** sorry about all the sub notes for some reason I’ve been reading nothing but British authors lately, including a Douglas Adams Philip recommended and I’ve started to see these guys in my sleep.