Watercolor class

I’ve been playing more with drawing and painting since last fall. Partially, I’m hoping that with a lot of practice, I could possibly illustrate my own picture books one day. Plus, it’s really fun and relaxing!

My favorite picture book art is often watercolor, so that’s why I figured I’d focus on learning watercolor.

But I don’t really like the idea of spending a lot of time working on something that no one will ever see. So I started a new blog with a friend of mine, called Intelligently Adorable. It’s fun random little stories and facts, which usually my friend writes and I illustrate. That way it forces me to keep practicing and I don’t feel like I’m wasting my time. I end up with a finished product that serves a purpose, and no one is paying for it so I don’t feel bad about how bad it is!

Anyway, I’ve been following watercolor courses online, but I figured it would be fun to try a watercolor class since I’m not working now. It’s just an adult ed class, not anything serious. I had my first class yesterday. It was interesting… First, I was the only person who was under 60! Also, the teacher didn’t provide as much instructions as I thought she would. Basically people just came to paint and hang out (they’ve all been in the class together many times before) and the teacher walked around providing occasional tips.

The teacher brings some still life items, mostly flowers, for us to paint (if we want, although some people painted whatever they wanted)… Here’s how my paintings ended up!

First I made this one. I like the way it looks overall, but I’m not crazy about the flowers. I was trying to follow the advice the teacher gave me about abstracting the cluster the flowers, but meh. They look weird.

This was my second painting, I like the way the pot looks, but the flowers are again kind of ridiculous. I should have tried to stay true to the angle they really were, but I didn’t feel like sketching anymore so I just painted without sketching. Guess I learned that lesson.

This was the last one. Looks like I got lazier and lazier and abstracted more and more! The lady who was sitting next to me did such beautiful painting that were very abstract and artsy, so I tried to copy what she was doing. Again, I kind of like the pot and the leaves, but the flowers look so bad! I don’t think me and flowers get along very well.

As of right now, I’m not sure I enjoyed painting still life enough to take the class again next semester, but I’ve still got two more months to go in the class so maybe I’ll change my mind! And hopefully I get better at painting flowers, oy.


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