First days of Kindergarten

Gabby had her first two days of kindergarten! I can’t say it’s going super smoothly…
She was super excited about going to a new school. We arrived 10 minutes before the bell and I gave her a kiss and a hug and she happily ran off to the playground. But when I turned around, I noticed all the parents were sticking around, so I figured maybe I should stick around too. I didn’t want her to be sad because she was the only one with a parent not present, and I thought things might get really crowded and chaotic for her to handle alone. And I was totally right. The bell rang and the K teachers asked the kids to line up. With a crowd of parents around, it was a mess. It was loud, and it was impossible to spot the teachers. And then Gabby started crying. And I totally get it. It was overwhelming. I wish they would have not allowed any parents passed the fence, so that the kids wouldn’t have been so crowded and lost.
But she survived, including the afterschool program at another location and the van that picked her up after school to bring her there.

Today I saw fewer parents around and that made me really relieved. I told her I would kiss and and hug her and leave right away, so that hopefully more parents would follow my lead and do the same. She was totally cool with it, and I left her happy and smiling.

Then at 10:30 I get a call saying that the school doesn’t allow flip flops so they told Gabby she couldn’t go play on the playground, and she’d been crying and throwing tantrums for an hour in the school office. She was calmer and returning to class by the time I got their voicemail and returned the call, but I still went to school right away to bring her running shoes so she would be allowed to play during lunch.

While I was there, her teacher cornered me and told me that Gabby has been pushing her limits, pretty much doing the exact opposite of what the teacher tells her, and throwing tantrums when she doesn’t get her way. The teacher asked that I please help out by talking to Gabby about listening to the teacher and doing things the first time she’s asked. Well, yeah, we’ve been working on that for 5 years. She’s a kid, come on. Of course, she’s going to test the limits in a new environment and new authority figures. But I agreed politely, because I know Gabby’s extra talented at pushing everyone’s buttons.

After thinking about it, the shoe debacle makes me a little upset. Why couldn’t they just let her play outside with everyone while they asked me to bring new shoes right away? It seems crazy to have such a high punishment (not playing on the playground with everyone!) for a wardrobe decision she obviously can’t fix. It’s not like she can go in timeout and think about what she did. It’s just a rule we didn’t know. About shoes. She didn’t do anything wrong. Punish me by making me drive to school in the middle of my work day, yes, for not remembering that one rule from a whole booklet we were given 6 months ago. But don’t punish her. Argh!

So I don’t know. I’m sure Gabby’s not handling the transition perfectly, but I’m a little miffed about how they handled the shoe thing. And a little miffed they are so quick to talk about behavior problems about my child, when she’s only on day 2 of this HUGE transition. Cut her some slack! Double argh.

But she sure looks cute and innocent, doesn’t she?! šŸ™‚




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