San Diego

We went through a period where Gabby was just screaming and screaming and screaming every morning about getting ready for school. So we started a reward system where she could earn a pompom if she got ready for school on time without her screaming or us having to yell at her. We store the pompoms in a vase shaped like an owl, and we said she could earn more pompoms by making “wise owl decisions”… Basically just being extra nice and use manners and whatnot.

Well she filled her pompom jar full of wise owl decisions! It was kinda big and we go through periods where we forget to give her some, so it took a while to fill. I asked her if she wanted to travel somewhere as a reward (I’d been meaning to take her out anyway) and she wanted to go to San Diego to visit uncle Philippe! We waited a few weeks because we’ve been having heat waves, but finally we decided to go this weekend as a last celebration before Kindergarten starts this week. School starts Wednesday and we don’t have daycare for her Monday and Tuesday so I asked for time off work. Perfect timing!

Gabby and I went to legoland yesterday, then a science center in Balboa Park with Philippe today. We leave tomorrow morning, with a stop at the science center in LA on the way home to meet some friends! Tuesday we will relax, and there’s an event at her new school so we’ll do that.


There’s a lot of rides at Legoland and, as bold and confident and usually fearless as Gabby is, the girl is terrified of roller coasters. Or at least she was. I figured maybe she wouldn’t be so scared anymore since it’s been such a long time since we last tried. She was a little hesitant, but I convinced her to try at least one, and if she didn’t like it we wouldn’t do anymore at all. I picked the smallest of the legit roller coasters that were not for toddlers. It went pretty fast, with a few twists and a small drop. She spent the whole ride screaming “I HAAAAATE THIS!!!!” Poor thing, I probably scarred her for life! At least she was brave enough to try, and she didn’t cry after or anything. I would have never pushed her if she really had not wanted wanted to go, I think she was scared but curious. Well she wasn’t curious after! She was laughing about it after the fact, though, but definitively would not go on more! We found some other things to do. Boat rides on lazy rivers, things like that. To my surprise, she spent an insane amount of time looking at the mini land area with cities built out of Legos.

Today at the science center, there was a science festival. It was fun, but we spent most of the time with building blocks!  


I was terrified Gabby would accidentally knock  down that random guy’s tower on the right!   

Then I got in on the fun too. Mine on the right, Philippe’s on the left.  

More fun to come, but for today we are done and tired!


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