Illness May

Happy weekend! This week we were able to work a normal 5-day work week for the first time in a LONG time. No one had to work from home due to illness or take vacation time to care for a sick kid. I can’t remember the last time that happened. We’ve all been so sick with some variation of a cold-turned-infection that prior to this week, I had been in the office about 5 days in three weeks. It was getting kind of ridiculous. Callie had an ear infection that antibiotics couldn’t budge, Gabby turned up in fever every few days, and my cold turned into a month-long battle with sinus infection, bronchitis, topped with a bladder infection. RIDICULOUS.

Somehow we all made it into June.

Callie’s transition to preschool went smoothly. She did full days from the start without any issues. On the first couple of days, whenever she was feeling sad, the teachers gave her food and that always fixed the problem. A girl after my own heart šŸ™‚

Callie did end up crying at drop-off in the morning for the first week, which sucked for me because she never cried at drop-off at daycare. It was short-lived though, because this week she did not cry and eventually she was too busy to even bother waving goodbye. It feels like we’re back to normal!

The biggest problem has been Gabby, who keeps asking her teachers if she can go hang out in the baby room to see Callie! Oh well, she might as well enjoy it while they are in the same place… it won’t be for long!!

Also, look who lost her first tooth! It had been wiggly for a while, and yesterday it fell out at school. She was excited to tell us her story. “Let me tell you how it all happened. I was sitting in class and all of a sudden, I felt a rock in my mouth. But it wasn’t a rock, it was my tooth!” I can just imagine how much she excited and amused she was about this, I’m sure class was completely derailed for the day. She tends to commandeer the classroom anyway.



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