Well, Gabby turned 5 yesterday, but that’s not the only big thing happening around here… Today was Callie’s last day of daycare! 

I love the lady who watched Gabby and Callie when they were young, but we are so happy that Callie is starting preschool. Something about it just feels right. She is so happy at preschool when when I drop off Gabby in the morning. This so more space, more rooms, more yard activities, more toys, more kids, more teachers. We think she’s so ready for that. We didn’t start Gabby at the preschool until she was over 2 and that seemed right for her at that time, I think Gabby benefited from being in a smaller environment for longer since she’s so demanding and easily overwhelmed. But Callie’s a different child (like, REALLY different!) and we think this is the right time for her. She’s ready to take on more!

Plus, Gabby is super excited to have Callie be in school with her! She’s been asking every day for months if Callie can stay at school today. Not yet, but soon!

Tomorrow is Gabby’s preschool graduation! She’ll keep going to preschool through the summer until kindergarten starts, so as a celebration, it’s a little anticlimactic. She has to go right back to preschool the following Monday! This is not the end of preschool for her yet, but at least it’s a fun party.

As for me, I have an agent who is interested in representing me and my “career” as a picture book author! Career, ha! Right. Well, second career, maybe. Or maybe with my GeekMom writing, I should consider the picture book writing my third career? 

Anyway. She is in an agency specializing in children’s books, and they seem legit with a lot of experience and a good track record of award-winning authors. She was really excited to find someone who writes about girls in STEM, which is mostly what I write about, so this is great! She had some advice on changes to do to my stories before she submits them to her agency for approval to represent me, like reducing word count and such, so I am entering a stage called “R&R”… Revise and Resubmit. It’s basically a “maybe.” Not as good as a yes, but it’s not a no! She sounded really positive about the outcome and she’s invested in working with me through the revision process until we both feel they are perfect to submit to her team. So things are looking good! I told her to give me a month for the revisions, it’ll be a busy month!


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