Weekend full of milestones

It’s been an interesting weekend. On Saturday I had a dentist appointment for a regular cleaning, but Gabby had been complaining of teeth pain so I got them to see her too. I had assumed it was a cavity. The dentist said her teeth looked fine, and that the pain was probably new molars coming in. On her x-rays from last June, she had a giant molar right under the gum, and that was almost one year ago! So that must be it. I guess these are called the 6-years molars cause that’s when they come in, but Gabby always teethed early anyway. 

Then this morning, one of her bottom front teeth is loose! A lot of teeth things going on! Here I thought we were going to get a break now Callie has all of hers (until the 2-years molars).

As for Callie, she’s been a climber lately. Also, she’s been harder and harder to rock to sleep in the evenings. So we decided to convert her crib to a toddler bed (remove one side of the crib so it’s open). That way we can read to her while she lays down, and then we just kind of hang out next to the bed until she falls asleep. So far it isn’t any harder putting her to sleep this way than it had been to rock her to sleep in the past few weeks, so we’re not at any disadvantage. The first night in her toddler bed, she woke up crying like 10 times, but maybe it wasn’t related to the bed at all. Last night was the second night and she only woke up once. She seems to wake up less cranky too, cause she doesn’t have to cry to have us pick her up… She just walks out of bed and comes to us, smiling and so proud of herself for doing it on her own!

So overall, lots of big milestones for us this weekend!

On Mother’s Day we met some friends at the zoo in the morning and went out to a restaurant  for pizza for lunch. It was great. We went home and relaxed while Callie napped, then went out to the high school to play basketball. Gabby loves it. When we were walking around the high school, we decided to take the kids to the football field with the running tracks around it. Gabby and I ran some short sprints together, then she ran around the whole track THREE times! We didn’t ask her to, she just did it. It was amazing to see her run, completely free and focused. I guess I finally found this girl’s calling: track & field! Forgot soccer, ballet, karate, and all those classes with instructions that she SO VERY MUCH ignores. Running? No one has to tell her what to do, or where to place her body at every given instance. I can appreciate the freedom she must feel!



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