Calpurnia’s Axioms

It felt like Callie had been saying the same 10 words for a long time. Cat, cheese, water, book, dog, stars, ipad… You know, the important stuff.

It’s been amazing that for a few months now she can understand everything we say and we can communicate pretty effectively with her by asking her yes or no questions. It still blows my mind how much language toddlers can understand without saying much of anything at all.

But in the last week, she’s really stepping it up! If we give her a choice between two things, she’ll try to say the one she wants rather than wait for us to ask it in a yes or no format. And man, she is really loving being given options! Since we get diapers in many patterns, we ask her which one she wants and she smiles coyly and goes “hmmm” for like a full minute. These are important decisions worthy of careful deliberation! Then she says “bzzzz” if she wants the diaper with bees, or today I had her repeat “guitar” for the diapers with guitars on it. She smiles ear to ear when she’s done selecting.

In the last day or two, I started hearing her say “never” and I thought I was hallucinating. This morning, there was no mistaking… It happened a few times! Like when I asked to change her diaper, she said no. I asked again, she smiled and said no while walking away slowly. I asked again more seriously and she runs away yelling “NEVER!” Now, who did learn this from?! Oh yeah, Gabby.

Little stinkers.

She also figured out how to make two word sentences. Well, she figured out “hi cat” a while back, but now she’s getting fancy. “No nap!” “No bed!” “No cereal!” “No book!” You get the idea.

I guess what I’m saying is, her big progress this week is figuring out how to say no to us in 17 different ways. Toddlers!


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