We have been receiving a subscription box for Gabby for years, it’s called Kiwi Crate and it contains two arts & craft activities for Gabby to do each month. I’m sure we could get the materials for less, but it’s nice to have two activities just ready to go when we need it.

A few months ago, the company released a new box line called Tinker Crate. They send you something to build every month, and it’s usually something more engineering related. It’s aimed for older kids, like tween age, but Gabby is CRAZY excited about them and we do it with her anyway. So far we’ve build a motor, a trebuchet, a hydraulic claw, and a drawing robot. 

Here’s some pictures of her and Callie playing with the “drawbot”. It had a motor on top that causes it to vibrate and move across the floor.



She’s so excited about them that whenever she builds a new one, she wants to bring it for Show & Tell at preschool.

It’s just hilarious that she’s bringing those things to Show & Tell and she’s so excited that she can hardly contain herself. She can’t even wait until Show & Tell, she goes off to show them to everyone in the school first thing when I drop her off. It makes me so happy to see that she feels such excitement and pride over something she built herself.

Here’s gabby showing her class the hydraulic claw. It’s powered by two syringes and a plastic tube filled with water.




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