Happy Valentine’s Day

Gabby stays home with us on Fridays, but we stopped by her school yesterday to attend their Valentine’s Day party. These are the cards we made:


Ok, not “we” some much as “I”. I had Gabby sign her name of all 25 and then I glued the white paper with the poem and signature to the back of the Pokemon balls I made with just red, white, and black paper and a lot of cutting. I just found the poem online, it’s so cheesy but I loved it and Gabby even more… When she passed them out to all the kids in her class, she recited the poem TO EVERY SINGLE KID!!! She was so excited. Too adorable!

Callie had fun playing with the stuff at the preschool, and another little kiddo.



And I caught this funny moment on camera, Gabby was telling a friend about how scabs heal. Their expressions are priceless!



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