Gabrielle’s Axioms: Argon

Gabby, looking out of the window in the car: “It looks like we live in a blue ball!”

Me: “Well, in a way, we kind of do. Earth has a layer of atmosphere around it. There’s no air in space. We’re like in a ball of air.”

Gabby: “What’s in the air? The trees make air that we breathe.”

Me: “The trees breathe in carbon dioxide and out oxygen. We breathe in the oxygen and out carbon dioxide. It’s a trade. But most of the air is really Nitrogen. Nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and small amounts of other elements too… like argon.”

Gabby: “Yeah, I already KNOW. The dinosaurs are gone. The trees from the Pangea are gone.”

Me: “Not ‘are gone’ like they’re not here anymore, argon the element.”

Gabby: “No, mom, they’re gone! The dinosaurs and the trees from Pangea are gone. I know they’re gone.”

The rest of the ride, I tried to explain the different between “are gone” and “argon”… Guess we’ll be reading our elements book tonight!

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