Calpurnia’s Axioms

Our baby isn’t a baby anymore, she’s like a real toddler now! So I thought it was due time for the first installment of Calpurnia’s Axioms! 

She might not be saying much yet, but she sure is able to get her point across. She seems to be understanding everything we ask her, and she answers “ya! ya! ya!” with a nod between each yes, or “no no no!” while shaking her head and her hands from side to side too.

Like at bedtime tonight I took her in her room before she had a chance to say good night to Chris. I was just going in there with her to pick up something, not to put her to bed yet, but she thought I was putting her to bed so she flipped out. She screamed “PAPAAA!!!” I asked her if she wanted to say goodnight to papa and she cried “YEAAAAH!” It was just an weird moment, having an actual conversation with her.

She’s pointing a lot too. She knows “that” and “what’s that?” So we’ll ask her what she wants and she’s point and say “dat!” Or sometimes she’ll pick up a book and point at something and ask “wa dat?” Too cute. I mean, ultimately she’ll need to learn the actual words for things, but we’re getting there. She’s getting a few words, to be fair, but they’re all animals! And foods too, come to think of it. I guess we know what’s important to her!


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