Getting kicked in the eye

The first full week at work post-holidays is coming to an end. It’s always a period of mixed emotions… On one hand, I’m sad the holidays are over. The family time together. The special holiday eating and drinking. 

On the other hand, there’s the sweet, sweet relief of sitting down at my desk, working in total quiet, sipping on hot tea. There’s no one screaming at me, no need to get up the second I sit down, and I’m not drinking room temperature tea that I made 2 hours ago and didn’t get a chance to sip.

It’s all unfortunate and wonderful at the same time!

Callie’s been having a tough time sleeping lately, she’s teething like crazy. All four molars are working their way through, and I think I see the point of a canine too. One molar is halfway out, one just at the verge of breaking the skin, and one is actually bruised. Teething sucks. I’m amazed that Callie’s in as good a mood as she is, and that she isn’t waking up every 5 minutes. Her mouth looks painful!

Talking about painful, Gabby kicked me right in the eye last Sunday night. I was bending over to pick up something the instant she moved her legs to stretch, pure coincidence. I had my eye closed, but oh my gosh, I felt the eye hit the back of the socket and it hurt like no one’s business. I thought for sure the eye would be all shades all red and black and blue, but nope. Ended up totally fine. It felt really sore for a couple of days and I went to an ophthalmology just to make sure the pain wasn’t anything to be worried about. This is my interaction with the doctor when I got in:

Doc: “Your eye looks fine.”
Me: “That’s what I told the lady on the phone. It looks totally fine, but I wasn’t sure if it’s normal that it feels sore.”
Doc: “Of course it’s normal it’s sore, you got kicked in the eye!”

Thanks, Mr. Attitude. Anyway, he did all the tests and it’s really fine. So there you go.

We’re tempting our luck and having friends over tomorrow night for a game night after the kids go to bed. It’s the first time we do this since Callie was born. Gabby could sleep through a tornado these days, but Callie’s still a little sensitive. Especially with the teething. Hopefully she won’t wake up with the sound of extra people talking and laughing in the living room, otherwise it could be a short game night! We will see.


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