Seattle, part 2

I forgot to write about the end of our trip to Seattle! Or more like I was too tired to write about the end of our trip. On Sunday I had plans to go out with some of the geekmom writers for dinner, so I decided to do something other than the con with Gabby in the morning.

There’s the “Seattle Center,” which is a large park near downtown Seattle and it contains the Space Needle and several museums, including a Children’s Museum and a Science Museum. That seemed like a good place to spend some time with Gabby, so we headed over there. The bonus is that you can ride a monorail from downtown Seattle where our hotel was to the Seattle Center, so that was an exciting adventure in and of itself! The monorail started moving and Gabby asked if we were flying… I guess it’s kind of confusing when you can’t see the track under you (and we were in the back of the train so we couldn’t see the track ahead). She loved it!

When we got to the park I asked Gabby what she wanted to do first. THE SPACE NEEDLE!!!! Oh my gosh, she was so excited about the Space Needle. We rode an elevator up to the top of the needle and she was saying “I can see the whole world from up here!” And just as quickly, she was over it. I guess a 4-year-old can only gawk at a pretty view for so long. It’s not like there’s much else to do up there. So back down we went.

We then tried the Children’s Museum, and I feel like I must have missed something because it really wasn’t much. In any case, most of it was geared to kids even younger than Gabby, more like 0-3, so Gabby wasn’t super interested. She started complaining that she wanted to go to the science museum instead, and well, she didn’t have to complain much to convince me! By the time we got to the science museum it was already in the afternoon though and we needed to head back to the con to meet the other writers, so we only stayed there an hour or so. It was unfortunate because it was huge and seemed really nice, but we only got to see one section of it. Oh well, next time!

It was a big weekend though, and a lot of walking! And it showed. By Sunday around 3 pm, Gabby was DONE. Done listening, done cooperating. Just done. Dinner went ok, but getting her to get ready for anything was an ordeal. It took her literally 45 minutes Monday morning to get out of PJs and put on clothes so we could head out for breakfast. It’s not that she was throwing tantrums, she just couldn’t focus!

Our flight back home was Monday afternoon and I was thinking of going out for one last activity Monday mornings to occupy our time before heading to the airport. But considering how long it took her to put on clothes, I figured a lazy morning watching TV wouldn’t be a bad idea. So that’s what we did. It was glorious! For me and for her. Just to show you how tired she was, she fell asleep on the train that runs from downtown Seattle to the airport, and I couldn’t wake her up once the train arrived at the airport! We were traveling with two backpacks, but thankfully one had wheels so I put one on my back, picked up Gabby in one arm, and rolled the other backpack with the other hand. It’s probably a 5-10 minute walk from the airport train station to the airport itself, but it seems like forever when you’re carrying a limp 40 lbs kid and two bags! I made it about half-way, stopping every few steps to readjust her because she was falling, before deciding I might break my arms off, so I just put her down on her feet and made her walk. She woke up when her feet touched the ground. Sorry, kid. Needless to say, she wasn’t the most cooperative at the airport, now tired AND sleepy, but it wasn’t that bad. We survived, and made it back home! She must have been tired because she woke up at 7:30 am Tuesday and Wednesday… 90 minutes later than usual! And it was 7 am this morning.

Anyway, overall we lucked out with the weather. We had one backpack with electronics and snacks for the plane (and I needed to bring a laptop to write over the weekend), and the other backpack was for clothes. These girls have priorities… Food first! Then gadget. Clothes last. I really had to pack light because our rain coats took half of the space in the clothes backpack! I carried them with me all weekend, and all for nothing because a few drops came down one time for about 5 minutes. Oh well, I prefer carrying them for nothing than carrying them for something! It was overcast all weekend (I mean, it IS Seattle) but the clouds were high enough that we had a spectacular view from the space needle. It was even unseasonably warm, in the low 60s. We’ve had colder weather for the video game conference in August in previous years!

Now the question is, a friend gave me one free ticket and a 40% off coupon for Legoland in San Diego and this upcoming weekend is the only available weekend we have before the free ticket expires in mid-November. Do we attempt a double-feature… travelling back-to-back weekends?! Is that crazy?!












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