Seattle Day 1 and 2

Gabby and I landed in Seattle yesterday at 5:30. With the time it took us to walk from the gate to the train station, ride the train to downtown, and walk to our hotel, it was 7 by the time we checked in. We still hadn’t had dinner (although lots of snacks!) so I took my chances and went out for a late dinner with Gabby. Surprisingly, she was good! Even though it was so late and traveling is kind of tiring. In the end, she ended up in bed by 8:30, only 30 minutes later than her usual bedtime, not too bad!!

Today at 10am was the panel for which I was presenting with some of the other GeekMom writers. I set up Gabby in the first row in front of the stage, right in front of me, with a movie (Frozen) on the iPad with headphones and some snacks. It was after the panel started that I realized she’d get to the “Let It Go” part before the end of the 1-hour panel and she would totally sing that part out loud. I was not wrong! Headphones on her ears, she sang Let It Go out loud during the panel, but thankfully quietly enough that she wasn’t super disruptive. Good thing it was a panel about parenting, I figured the audience would understand!

Since she was mostly good, I let her do whatever she wanted after. We hung out the “science zone” at the GeekGirlCon where she did a couple of science experiments, and then she was really done with the con. We made a stop by the hotel pool to burn some pent-up energy, then grabbed lunch and headed to the Seattle aquarium for the afternoon, stopping by Pike Place Market for dessert first.

The aquarium was really nice so it took us all afternoon to visit it, then we hiked back uphill to our hotel about half a mile away. We visited the con again before it closed to the evening, purchased a few times (dumb of me, I bought an art print for Gabby that I have no idea how I’ll carry it back home), then grabbed dinner… conveyor belt sushi!! I thought she might enjoy the novelty of it, and she did, a little too much! She was grabbing plates off the conveyor belt willy-nilly, so I had quite a few things to eat because she didn’t like them. But hey, it was fun.

Very understandably, she was kind of tired tonight. And I am too! Now off to bed for a well-earned night of sleep.


















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