Mommy-Gabby trip

You guys, can you believe it’s already October?!

This weekend, Gabby and I are traveling to Seattle for a convention called GeekGirlCon. We are leaving Friday afternoon. It was one of those things a lot of the GeekMom writers attended in previous years and it sounded like fun, but we were already traveling to Seattle in late August for PAX (the video game convention) so it didn’t make sense financially to do both. But in the last couple of years the PAX tickets have sold out so quickly that we haven’t been able to get tickets, so I decided to attend GeekGirlCon instead. Seattle is such a cool city to visit for a long weekend, it’s a short flight away, no timezone changes, and lots of good food! I told Chris he was welcome to join me but I believe his exact words were “no way” so I’m going alone and we’re each keeping one kid. I think Callie’s too young for con viruses anyway, so it’s good he’s keeping her home.

GeekGirkCon is supposed to be super family-friendly with lots of activities for the kids to do, so I think Gabby might actually enjoy it. I wouldn’t have dared bring Gabby to the super-packed San Diego Comic-Con we did in July, but this one I think will be less packed and more fun for her age. We’ll see how it goes!

I was tempted to invite my mom to join us so that there would be two of us to manage Gabby, especially since I’m speaking at a panel. In the end, I decided to brave the trip alone with Gabby for the main reason that she and I haven’t had much chance to hang out alone since Callie was born. It would have been nice to have some time to myself to do some networking, but I don’t want to lose focus on this being a weekend for Gabby and I to bond. It could have been a good working weekend for my writing “career” but spending time with Gabby will be better for our family right now. I love Callie, but I’m really excited about spending time alone with Gabby for once.

Of course, Miss CantStopTalkingAboutTraveling is super duper excited. She’s been a doll getting ready for school every morning this week, because each day of school done is a day closer to leaving for Seattle! And she’s the first to tell everyone this is a trip with NO BABIES AND NO DADDIES! She’s also super excited about flying on a plane and the pool at the hotel. I’m excited I’ll have a whole weekend with no heat waves!

I am a little sad though. When I bought airplane tickets for this trip 6 months ago, I figured it’d be no big deal to leave Callie because she’d be so old by then. Now that the trip is finally here, she doesn’t seem that old to me! My poor baby, will she be ok without me? Will she be mad at me for abandoning her for a few days? I feel so bad!


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