Hot weekend

Holy smokes, it’s been a heat wave. Yeesh. When I heard that this weekend was supposed to be a scorcher, I suggested we should just go spend the weekend in Monterey, where it’s always cooler. But we decided to be responsible and stay home!

It’s not that I hate the heat, oh no wait I do. I hate being hot. It’s fun every once if a while IF I can sit down by a pool all day and drink icy cocktails. It is NOT fun at all when I have to alternate snuggling with my heat pack of an infant and running after a 4-year-old who’s equally miserable in the heat but doesn’t know how to stop moving. There’s been a lot of yelling from all parties, that includes Callie and Chris. We’re all weather snobs. Or we may be cold blooded by now.

Anyway. Saturday morning Chris had a dentist appointment so I was alone with the two girls for a while. We played around the house and then went to Gabby’s second ballet class! We did a trial class (free!) last week and she did great. I mean, she’s still Gabby: a little distracted, a little whiny, and a little looney. But for the most part she did great so I signed her up as a regular student. Ballet every Saturday morning now! This week as I was waiting with Callie outside of the class, one of the dads asked which one was mine. I replied “the one not paying attention.” And then we looked over at the class and looked back at each other and laughed… None of the girls were paying attention! So at least that made me feel better, little kids are little kids! And of course having all the walls covered in mirrors doesn’t help, all the kids are paying attention to the funny faces they are making in the mirror. Oh well, Gabby didn’t do so bad though, and she liked the classes enough to want to go back. So yay!



Saturday afternoon we escaped the heat at the natural history museum. Both girls always have so much fun playing in the shaded creek in the back. Saturday night, I had a girls’ night out!! I can’t remember the last time I did that?? Before Callie or before Gabby?! We were four women, all mothers of two, so we decided to put on our fancy little black dresses and high heels and really go all out. And we went out for dinner at 5! We had a blast and we were done by 9. We felt like a geriatrics club. But babies don’t sleep in just because you went out late, so we were all motivated to be in bed by 10! Apparently we were too busy having fun to take any pictures of ourselves all dolled up. Maybe next time! Chris and the girls went out to dinner as well, Mexican food of course, and then went out for ice cream. No losers there!

Today it seemed like everyone woke up on the wrong side of the bed. It was hot and strangely humid, I don’t know. I went grocery shopping with Callie, Gabby did some science projects and art projects at home, I took the girls out to an indoor playground in the afternoon (sweet glorious A/C!), Chris fixed some stuff around the house. We went to park after dinner to get some air after it started to cool down a bit. The park was busy, everyone had the same idea! It was fun to see some neighbors out and about.

Overall, well, we survived the warm weekend – just barely!











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