Saying hello and goodbye to Mouse

Well, we got a dog, named it Mouse, and then gave it back!

I was looking online at various dog shelters and rescues, and found one dog that seemed like a good match for us. She was an older puppy, half basset hound and half terrier, and really pretty sweet. The person who was fostering the dog said she got kind of nippy sometimes, and unfortunately we didn’t think much of it. Sometimes. Ok, we can deal with “sometimes.”

We gave her a week, but really she was nippy all the time. I guess we should have expected it from a puppy, but man… She nipped Callie on the face a couple of times. It didn’t make a mark and I was right next to them to make sure Callie would be safe, but it was still too close for comfort. The dog wasn’t bitting aggressively, she was just excited. We knew it would go away with time and training, but we realized we’d need to keep the dog and the kids completely separate for a few months and that sounded really logistically complicated. Gabby wanted to play with the dog and kept getting her more excited and more nippy, so meh. When we got the dog we had agreed it would be a trial period to see how it went, and turns out it didn’t. Now we know.

Also, I have to be perfectly honest, I think I learned last week that I’m just not a dog person. As many of you know, Chris and I tried having a dog around the time we got married. She was a Great Dane and she had such bizarre behavioral problems that I couldn’t deal with at her size. I thought if this time we picked a younger and smaller dog, it would work out. But I found myself not feeling bonded to the dog, which was very eye opening for me. I felt so embarrassed and stupid to have wanted that dog so badly just to realize so quickly I didn’t like having a dog very much. They are just so IN YOUR FACE all the time and I found it so overwhelming in a personal boundary kind of way. And all the stinky smells and all the toe licking and the whining and and… Holy cow, just leave my body alone! I have enough of that with the kids. I guess I just love dogs at someone else’s house. I wish I could have realized that without learning it the hard way, but oh well. Live and learn.

Now that I’m on the other side, I’m really wondering why the heck I wanted a dog so badly. I was obsessed! I’m so embarrassed. Chris really should hate me for putting him through this. I wonder if maybe I was fighting the near-the-end-of-breastfeeding hormones that make women yearn for more kids. I know we don’t want more kids, but man, those hormones will do funny things to your brain.

When I told Gabby that I’d be bringing the dog back soon, she was very sad. But I brought the dog back today and Gabby has yet to notice that the dog is even missing! I guess she’s not too heartbroken.

So maybe just a bunny next time.


One thought on “Saying hello and goodbye to Mouse

  1. I’m with you on the dogs at other peoples’ houses thing. At least you have a cat! I had to get rid of those because of allergies, litter box and general grossness. The fish is ok.

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