Gabby’s first circuit!

I bought this “Electricity and Magnetism” educational toy for half-off when Amazon was having some back-to-school sale.

I wasn’t sure how Gabby would do with it, but we tried it for the first time last night and she loved it!! She was super excited when I said she could play with electricity… Ooh, sounds so exotic and dangerous! We have this book about electricity that she really likes so she already knew what a circuit was and whatnot, maybe not well enough to explain it but at least she was familiar with the general concept.

I read our way through some of the guided experiments in the manual but eventually I just left her alone with it because I had to go take care of some stuff. I figure she’d move on to something else if I wasn’t there to move her along with it, but nope. I came back in the room and she was super proud to show me the big circuit she had made, which had all the little lights and gizmos plugged in. She did it well too, where all of them would actually be on a loop and turn on. Awww… My baby’s first circuit, they grow up so fast!




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