What about a dog?

Chris and I have been seriously thinking about getting a dog lately.

We’ve been joking about it for a long time but I guess we started thinking about it more because Callie is so crazy about animals. She squeals when the cat walks past her. She goes bananas when she sees a dog at the park. It’s interesting because Gabby didn’t even notice we had cats until she was at least one. But anyway, I feel bad because now we have 2 kids who love pets and are so sad that Raven never wants anything to do with them. And we own a home and a fenced yard and whatnot, maybe the time is finally right.

Plus, I’d love having a walking partner!

So Chris and I agreed to start looking. Not intensively like OMG-we-desperately-need-a-dog-ASAP or anything, but we did start with a quick visit to the local animal shelters just to see what they had. The answer is: chihuahuas and pit bulls. It is INSANE how little variety there is in shelters. How can there even be so many pit bulls and chihuahuas in California? Who’s breeding all of them?! And why can’t they see no one needs that many chis and pits?!

It’s been an interesting process because Gabby was super excited when we asked if she wanted to maybe get a dog, but as it turns out she’s definitively not interested in dog shopping. Not in dingy, loud shelters anyway. Wherever we went she eyed the first chihuahua and said that one was good and let’s go. She seems to strongly favor the really tiny dogs, meh. No thanks.

But Callie. Oh my gosh. You should have seen Callie at a dog adoption event we attended on Sunday. She was in HEAVEN. If we had a video of her reaction to the dogs, it would have gone viral on YouTube. She was laughing nonstop and clapping and waving her hands and legs hysterically, she wanted all the dogs RIGHT NOW! Pure joy. We put her on the ground and she crawled right up to the big dogs to play with them! She really bonded with two pit bulls that were so so sweet with her, it was really adorable. They were just two big teddy bears and she was getting so cuddly with them, but I don’t know if I can get pass the pit bull stigma even if people say it’s not really true that pit bulls are any more violent than any other dog.

I guess finding a good compromise for every one will be a challenge. Chris and I are undecided whether we’d want an adult rescue dog (which might have several unknown behavioral issues to work through and who knows what you’re getting yourself into) or a puppy from a reputable breeder (less baggage, but generally frowned upon). We have really been wanting a corgi for a while, so maybe we could find a little corgi pup we can raise right from the start. I mean, we’re not sleeping anyway, maybe we should knock two birds with one stone.

It feels so daunting to make the right decision. What is right for our family? There’s so many options with shelters and breeders and breeds and ages and sex. Many many unsuitable options, but maybe a few good ones. Maybe we will see a dog this weekend that will feel right and we will take it home right away, or maybe we will never find the perfect dog that feels right for us and that’s ok too.

Or maybe we’ll just settle on a nice quiet bunny… Who knows!


2 thoughts on “What about a dog?

    • Thanks! We had considered a golden retriever or lab, after all they must be the top family breeds for a reason, but they seem really big to Gabby. There was a couple of labs at one shelter and Gabby was pretty scared of them when they started barking. Maybe it would help if she got one from puppy age and saw it grow up rather than start off with a large adult.

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