9 month checkup

It’s been a pretty crazy, and sleepless, couple of weeks. Last week Callie had a stomach flu. She was fussy and we had to get up with her every couple of hours for a few days.

Then Chris caught it and he was out of commission for the whole weekend. The girls and I survived on our own, just barely! I wasn’t functioning on much sleep + cranky baby + Gabby being Gabby = ARGH!

Just when it looked like Callie was starting to sleep better, she got very badly congested so sleep was out of the window again. It was followed with a fever and, you guessed it, EAR INFECTIONS. Mild, but in both ears.

So now Callie’s been on antibiotics for 3 days already so she should be starting to feel better. She was still running a fever yesterday, but none last night or today. Chris is feeling ok too, and Gabby and I are still holding strong. We will survive!

Today Callie had her 9 month well-baby visit. She’s up in percentiles for both weight and height… from 59th to 62nd for weight and from 88th to 92nd for height. It looks like both kids are doing their best to become even more gigantic than they already are!

We are pulling Gabby out of preschool on Fridays. The lady who watches Callie doesn’t work Fridays so Chris and I split our workdays to watch her. When she started at daycare we decided to keep Gabby in school on Fridays even if we were home, just to make it easier and less stressful on everyone. But now that Callie’s getting bigger, it’s often easier to watch them together anyway cause Gabby keeps Callie entertained. I can’t wait for Callie to walk, then they will be able to really play together!

Bonus: switching from 5 days to 4 days per week at preschool will save us some money. Score!

Gabby’s school is closed next week for summer break, so she will go spend a few days at my parents house. She is so excited about spending “a week at Grandma’s house” like in the Berenstein Bears book. I just wish we were dropping off both kids and going on a second honeymoon like in the book! Wouldn’t that be nice!

Just to be complicated, Callie’s daycare is also closed for summer break, for 10 days actually, but unfortunately not at the same time. Such a headache! My mom will be able to help us a couple of days but then she leaves on vacation so Chris and I will be splitting a lot of days. We will both take a day off, and then split the rest into mornings and afternoons so we can both squeeze in as much work as possible. Oy.

We know a lot of people with birthdays this month, so I’m sorry if we’re late sending you stuff. We’re just barely making it through these crazy schedules for most of August!


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