4 year checkup

Gabby had her 4-year checkup at the doctor last week. She was at 74th percentile for weight and 94th for height, compared to 66th for weight and 92nd for height last year. Overall, pretty consistent.

They tested Gabby’s hearing and vision. The hearing test went well, but I started getting worried when she was getting the shapes all wrong during the vision test. Uh oh. But then the nurse was like “you’re not even looking at the chart!” So yeah, her vision is fine… Her attention span, however, not so much.

She also had to get 3 vaccines, she hasn’t gotten any in quite a while, but she was prepared for it and she did great. We’ve been reading our way through a pretty dense science book at night (Help Your Kids With Science—it’s intended for an older crowd but it’s got a lot of pictures and she’s really liking it), so we’ve been reading about how white blood cells, antibodies, and vaccines work. Usually the more she knows the less she’s afraid, so I informed the heck out of her on this one! As we were driving to the doctor she was psyched to be getting shots to “feed” her white blood cells and make her body learn a new skill! I did warn her that it was going to hurt a little bit, I didn’t want her to be surprised, but she promised she would be brave.

They poked her on the finger before the shots to test for anemia. That’s when she realized that needles suck and she did not want shots after all, thank you very much. I really thought that she was going to lose it and start screaming like a banshee, but she let me hold her still and did not fuss and cry while the nurse gave her the shots. I’m so proud of her for taking it like a pro! She wasn’t happy about it, but the nurse gave her two lollipops afterward and OH MY GOSH, TWO LOLLIPOPS!!! There’s nothing two lollipops can’t fix. I also had a giant M&M cookie waiting for her. She was in little kid paradise.

I guess next time I need to teach her some science behind vision tests.

Also, she looooved the doctor gown because it’s open in the back. Because BUTT! (She is 4 years old.) The point where she almost lost it during the appointment, if any, was when I asked her to take it off. She did not want to give up the butt gown. Kids!




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