More diseases… Can we get a break now?

So last Thursday, we get a call from Callie’s daycare saying that one girl’s been confirmed with hand foot and mouth disease. Chris usually picks up both girls on his way home, but I told him to just pick up Callie and bring her home and SCRUB. HER. DOWN. I know she was already exposed and the damage had been done, but it was the beginning of a 3 day weekend and I figured we just might luck out if we can manage to wash off the germs before they’re spread all over Gabby and the house.

Meanwhile, I picked up Gabby from school. She fell asleep in the car on the way home, which is rare. Even weirder, she didn’t wake up when we transferred her to her bed. How long was she going to sleep?! Turns out she slept right through dinner and all the way to 5:30am the next day!! So we got to play family of 3 Thursday night, put Callie to bed at 7 as usual, and Chris and I got a long quiet evening! It was awesome!

On Friday, Independence day, we decided to avoid the crowds. We avoided downtown, the parade, the festivities, all of it. We went to the museum instead, which was nearly empty. It was fabulous! We spent hours playing outside in the creek, all by ourselves. Then in the evening we put Callie to bed and kept Gabby up to watch the fireworks from our backyard. It was a great day.

It all went downhill after that! Gabby went to sleep late Friday night, and of course she didn’t sleep in on Saturday morning so she spent all of Saturday in a exhaustion-fueled tantrumy scream-fest of a mood.

Callie came down with hand foot and mouth disease, starting with two days of high fever over Saturday and Sunday. She was sleeping ok, but we had to get up every couple of hours to make sure her fever didn’t peak too high despite being on Tylenol and Ibuprofen. Then the fever left and in came the blisters. We never saw any on her hands and feet, and we never saw any in her mouth either actually, but it’s hard to get an upset baby to open her mouth. You could tell something in her throat was bothering her when she ate though, she would eat and burst out in sudden high-pitched cries of pain. Aside from that she was a little cranky by day, while still being a pretty mellow kid, but very cranky all night. She refused to go to sleep at all until 10pm, then woke up screaming multiple times through the night. Not fun.

Thankfully she seems much better now, and hopefully we’ll all catch a break. This mama needs some sleep! And some quiet time. I’d even settle for some please-no-one-yell-at-me-for-5-minutes-please time!

In the good news department, we finally received the new couches we ordered like 4 months ago! The fit is great for the room, and they are so comfy! We weren’t sure what color would look good with dark grey walls (other than white, which isn’t feasible for obviously reasons… KIDS!) so we picked a marbled black & white tweed-ish pattern. It comes out looking sort of grey and I was afraid it would clash with the walls or disappear or look like way too much grey for one room. In the end, neither Chris or I would not call the colors perfect together, but it’s pretty good. I wish there was a little more contrast between the walls and the couch, but it’s good enough. Definitively a huge improvement! I’m thinking we’ll need to add some art to the wall in that corner though, it’s looking a little empty! That may help break out all the grey too. Now, if only we could spend time sitting on our new couches rather than rocking a sleepless baby and chasing an energetic preschooler!

And pictures of our tame Fourth of July:

And for the record, I cut Gabby’s hair after those pictures because it was starting to always look like such a mess!

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