Recovery and other fun stories

Last night was the first night since our array of germs started that I only had to get up once. Just once to feed Callie around 2 am. Callie didn’t wake up 4 times because who knows why, Gabby didn’t wake up 4 times whining about whatever. Just once! So refreshing.

This morning Chris went to work early because Callie’s daycare lady doesn’t work on Fridays and Chris and I split the day. So I was alone with Gabby and Callie, getting them through the breakfast routine and whatnot. The morning went really smoothly, I just had to remind Gabby a few times to serve herself breakfast and again to remind her to eat it, because she tends to dilly-dally around eating. When we got to school, we bumped into a friend’s parent and Gabby tells her: “Hi! I had so much trouble with my mom this morning. She kept telling me to eat. She told me ‘eat!’ like a THOUSAND TIMES. *eye roll* Ugh! It was so FRUSTRATING!”

I laughed so hard. Here I thought we had an easy morning! Different point of views, I guess.

Other than that, well I think Callie’s up to something. She’s been happy army crawling for a while now and she seemed pretty content with her moving abilities. It didn’t look like she had any plans to get on all fours and start crawling. But in the last few days, she’s been spending a lot of time in one place, squirming and doing weird things with her legs. Finally yesterday evening, she managed to squirm her way from laying on her stomach to sitting. I clapped and cheered and she looked SO proud of herself! And this morning, she was army crawling backwards! She seemed a little confused about that one. I also saw her get on all fours and try to move a limb. Usually when she gets on all fours, she just flops down on her belly before moving. It’s amazing to watch her figure it out all of a sudden. We’re still trying to decide if she’s actually trying to crawl or trying to stand up! It seems like she’s trying to get on her feet more so than her knees, like she’s stuck doing “down dog” in yoga.

Her eating’s evolving too. Gabby choked a couple of times when we started finger foods, so I was in no rush to start finger foods with Callie. Callie was a really good eater with the baby purees anyway, but recently not so much. Then I found out from her daycare that she has all sorts of finger foods over there! She’s there with 2 other baby girls, they’re all 2 months apart with Callie being the youngest but they are all the exact same size so the daycare lady’s been giving them all the same food. Callie’s been feasting on bagels, pasta (with tomato sauce no less!), quesadillas, scrambled eggs, and all kinds of good stuff over there for over a month! No wonder she’s starting to reject my dumb baby purees! She’s apparently the daycare’s biggest eater. I really have to step up my game here! I’m starting to run low on baby food jars so I won’t bother restocking, I’ve been giving her tiny chunks of whatever we’re eating this week and she’s all over it. Big girl!

Now, some photos…

Callie is LOVING music. She will play the ukulele with me forever and a half, she loves when we put her in her feeding chair in front of the piano so she can push all the keys, and her favorite of all is a little tiny palm-sized portable speaker we use to play music around the house. If we play music on it, she MUST have it and she will carry it with her everywhere she scoots!

Delegating my work…

When Gabby was sick and we were having a hard time getting her to eat at all, I made her this cute snake out of a leftover pancake. We called it a “rattlecake.” She’s been really into slithering around like a snake all the time, I think mostly as an excuse to ignore our commands (“Gabby, pick up your toys.” “I’m not a Gabby, I’m a snake!”), so the rattlecake was a success!

Last Tuesday was Quebec Day so I made a couple of French Canadian dishes and taught Gabby how to draw a fleur-de-lys. I drew it on one page as a guide while she drew it on another page. She did pretty well I think!

Oh and I have this from Father’s Day. Did I post it already? Here goes:


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