3 ear infections

Well, we now have 3 infected ears in our house. Callie has been on antibiotics for a week for hers, and, because we weren’t having enough fun yet, Gabby woke up at 3 am crying hysterically from ear pain. A trip to the doctor this morning revealed 2 ear infections on her, one severe and one less so. The doctor was going to give Gabby the same antibiotics that Callie received, but then I told them that Callie’s still tugging at her ears even now so most likely it isn’t super effective. So Gabby will go on something else instead, and chances are we’ll have to make another trip to the doctor’s office with Callie later this week if she’s still tugging at that ear after the full 10-day course is done.

Meanwhile, my sore throat turned into a full head cold. It’s been a mild one, but not fun regardless. Especially with the lack of sleep around here. We’ve had a sick kid at home for almost 2 weeks now. I took one day off work, Chris took one or two, my mom came to help a couple of days… Other than that, Chris has been working ridiculous hours, like 3 am to 10 am, so I can work 11 am to 6 pm. That way one of us is home with the sick kid(s) around the clock without us having to use up all of our vacation time. It’s exhausting for him because he has to get up at insane hours, and it’s exhausting for me because that leaves me in charge of the sick kids at home all night, at least on the nights when he needs to work super early the next day. With the two kids combined, it’s been a lot of night wakings.

With Gabby’s 3 am screaming fest that never ended, the 3 of us have been up since then. Chris mostly took care of Gabby last night, while I took on Callie who woke up at 11 and 3 and 5. I think Callie’s antibiotics is giving her a bit of a stomach ache, so she’s been up more often in general. Plus, there was the screaming preschooler to try to sleep through.

Chris stayed home with Gabby today, but of course by daytime she’s bouncing off the walls and acting totally fine. Because everyone knows things only hurt at night, right?! Of course, right. I’d be so angry with her for all that nighttime whining, except she’s got genuine ear infections so I guess she can get away with inconsistency. At least it’s legit inconsistency. She’s so going to school tomorrow though!

Until everyone is healthy and sleeping well again, I’m eating up carbs like nobody’s business. It’s not my fault, my brain’s all like “I need energy! If I can’t get sleep, then at least give me pizza! And donuts! And you know what, eat that whole plate of cookies just for good measure.” This is getting so ridiculous, I find myself craving even ice cream. Ice cream, people! Probably the one treat I actually don’t like much. I don’t know what’s going on anymore. It’s all delirious up in here.

Of course, I’m not working out either because Chris and I have been going to bed as soon as the kids are asleep, trying to catch some Zs whenever we can. Chris was so nice yesterday and took the kids out to the museum (that was when we thought both kids were mostly done with their sickness – boy, were we wrong!) so I could get some rest with my cold. I slept all 3 hours that they were gone! It wasn’t even hard.

I’m done with June. It’s gloomy, it’s humid, it’s cold… I’m waving my white flag. I give up! You win, June. Happy now?! You win. Let me know when this June Gloom is gone and the sun comes back out again. We should take our germs and fly to Hawaii to get some sun and heat. Maybe then we’d get healthier. Yeah, that’s perfectly sound logic. It’s the only solution, really. I mean, it’d be irresponsible NOT to, right?

Oy. I wish.

I think there needs to be a term for having more than 2 ear infections in one household. A pack of ear infections? A pride? A flock? No wait, a murder, like crows. A murder of ear infections. Yeah, that’ll do nicely.


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