Gabby’s first bank account!

Chris’ parents usually send us a gift and some money for birthdays and Christmas, they figure we’ll pick something Gabby really wants or needs. And usually I do manage to find something extra special that she’ll really like, since she doesn’t get to see them often! But for her birthday last week, I felt uninspired. She already received SO. MANY. GIFTS.

For the first time, I told her that her grandparents had sent money and asked if there’s anything she wanted. But every time I asked, she just wanted whatever cheap trinket she’d seen at the checkout counter at the store that day. So much for that.

I ended up thinking she might be excited about opening her very own bank account, and this would be the perfect amount of money to start with, as opposed to coins and one dollar bills she has in her piggy bank at home. I asked her if she was interested in doing that, and she was VERY excited about it! So we went to the bank on Saturday. She sat down patiently, and they were so quick to get us started and very nice to Gabby. They asked if she had something to deposit and she gave them the cash. They weren’t going to give her a card but she really wanted one so she will get one in the mail! It was all very exciting. Hopefully she will be as excited to add more money in her bank account later. She is very proud to be FOUR and to be in the big kid classroom and to have her own bank account!


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