I’m back in the 120s, yeah!!!

I didn’t bother checking in for a while because I wasn’t making any progress. I was working so hard on my book chapter and Gabby’s party in May that I entirely cut my exercise routine. I wasn’t in the mood to watch what I ate either. Oh well.

Now that everything is a lot more calm, I’m trying to get back on track! I decided it was also time to do more than just the treadmill, so I started doing a Yoga workout app on my phone. I’d rather go to a class, but I don’t want to leave Chris alone with the kids on a frequent basis. Time for some self-discipline to do it at home instead! I like the treadmill, but I feel cardio doesn’t do nearly as much for my body as yoga does. And it feels so good to stretch after bending over all the time, tending to little ones.

I used to do the treadmill every other day, which then switched to Mon+wed+fri, which then switched to mon+wed only. No more of that! Looking at my body now, I feel like I don’t have so much weight to lose as much as things need toning. Need more muscles! So this week I’m working out 30 minutes every night, alternating between treadmill and yoga. I’m not going to work out EVERY night for ever and ever, but at least if I get into the habit of doing it most week nights then I won’t feel so guilty for skipping the evenings when I’m too tired to care. Those will be beer nights, ha!


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