Crazy week

Wow, what an insane week.

First of all, we have Gabby’s birthday party on Monday. We combined parties with another little girl from school (our old neighbors!) who has the same birthday. They chose together that they wanted a My Little Pony party, and her mom and I got planning. Well she’s a party planner for a living and so we both got a little out of control! We decided we could make costumes for all the kids… Pony ears, pony tails, pegasus wings, and Rainbow Dash tutus. I had done the ears, tails, and wings before for Gabby and I’s Halloween costume one year, and they didn’t take long to do. Obviously I didn’t factor in that any small amount of time multiplied by 20 takes a lot of time. I was cutting ear and wings for hours and hours spread across multiple evenings! But when I saw all the kids looking so incredibly adorable in their costumes, it was all worth it. So cute. But I’m thankful there’s not going to be another birthday party for another 6 months at least!

On Tuesday, I submitted my chapter that I’ve been working on for the last 6 weeks. I saw an organization (Ada Lovelace Day) put out a call for writers to write a chapter for a book featuring women in STEM, and my proposal was accepted!! Writing the darn thing was a lot more work than I had anticipated. Again. I severely underestimated the amount of research I would need to do. So much work. But anyway, now the first draft is submitted so hopefully I will get some positive feedback. Partly because I’m afraid everyone will hate my work, and partly because I really want to move on to writing about something else. Anything else! Please! I don’t know how people write whole books on one subject.

On Wednesday, it was graduation night at the preschool. It’s a celebration for the kids that are moving to kindergarten, and all the kids from each class (age group) do a little show. Last year, Gabby laid down and licked the floor in the middle of their song. I maintain the opinion that she knew this would get her lots of attention and laughs, and not that she’s so stupid as to lick the floor without a good reason! Anyway, I was a little afraid of what this year would bring, but she BEHAVED! Quite nicely, even!

Yesterday and today, I’ve had emergencies come up at work so I was in until 9pm last night. Not fun. Props to Chris for being such a good dad handling the two girls alone, at bedtime no less, and such a supportive husband for putting up with all my writing and all my Pegasus wing cutting in the past month and my occasional late nights at work. I see him working so hard all the time, late nights and early mornings, and he is constantly a source of inspiration for me to work harder and accomplish more rather sit on my butt and watch TV every evening.

This week, Gabby has gotten transferred to the next classroom at school, for the 4 and 5 year olds. I was expecting the transition to be slower, but the teacher said Gabby has been excited to be in the class with the older kids and she is thriving there quickly, so it was pretty much a 1 day transition. I’m curious to see if we’ll notice any difference in her attitude, skills, or behavior with the change. We’ll see!

Finally, after almost a couple months of break, Callie has a new tooth! One of the top ones just popped a little corner out. Hopefully she won’t be too uncomfortable from it.

Here’s to hoping for a relaxing weekend! I’ll post pictures of Gabby’s party soon, though I think everyone has seen them via Facebook and email already anyway.


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