It’s been so hot here, the temperatures reached over 90 every day this week!

A couple of weeks ago, I put my name down on a sign up sheet to bring baked goods for the preschool rummage and bake sale. The items had to be brought in Friday, so I was supposed to bake Thursday night. Only problem Thursday night was that it was like 85 degrees in our house at 9pm, so I did NOT want to turn on the oven! I also didn’t want to bring something that the school would need to refrigerate, or that would go bad out in the heat of day during the bake sale. Thanks to Pinterest, I found a cute idea to make chocolate-covered s’mores. They turned out adorable!

Callie has been changing so much in the last few weeks. She’s been able to entertain herself with toys for longer periods of time, which is cool because Gabby was never into toys much. Callie LOVES the gear magnets on our fridge, it’s her favorite toy so far! She also loves the cat, which is also different from Gabby. Gabby didn’t even notice the cats until she was probably a year old. Callie will get seriously upset every time the cat walks by her if we don’t pick her up and take her to touch it. I love seeing these little differences between our girls pop up as Callie grows up into a little kid!

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