Star Wars day

Today is the unofficial Star Wars day! It’s a play on words with May 4th, like “May the 4th be with you” instead of “may the force be with you.” It’s a very geeky thing to celebrate, yet somehow Chris had never heard of it! I wanted to celebrate by having Gabby watch Star Wars for the first time, it’s the first year I feel like she’s old enough.

Chris was sure she’d get bored and either lose interest or fall asleep, but she loved it! The robots and spaceships, what’s not to love?! That’s basically her two favorite things. She paused it every time she got up, so she wouldn’t miss a minute of it, and she was completely captivated.

Her favorite character was R2D2, not surprisingly. What is surprising is that she was able to understand all the emotions of R2D2, even though he’s got basically no facial feature. After the movie, she was super excited to tell us about the one part when R2D2 was walking down the canyon and he was looking around really nervously because he was afraid he’d get attacked. I think the director did a good job, if a 3-year-old can read emotions on a metal bucket!

She also really liked the scene where they jumped into the trash compactor and some weird trash water monster tries to get them. For some reason she thought that was hilarious, which is not exactly the intention of the movie. Oh well, that trash alien did look pretty funny I guess.

When I told her that there were two more movies because it’s a trilogy, she promptly planned our next two evening… More Star Wars!

Also today, I asked her if she wanted to learn how to write the word “candy” while she was drawing. So I spelled it out for her and she wrote the letters. Then to be funny I told her the word fairy had come and brought her what she wrote down and put it in the pantry. I opened the pantry and took out some old candy and she was really excited about that!! She’s so funny though, she’s always so quick to point out what’s real and what’s not. There is not such thing as magic with her, though we aren’t the type of parents to keep up the illusion anyway. She asked if I was the word fairy and I admitted. It was really fun anyway, and she’s excited for the “word fairy” to come back again. I said maybe tomorrow I can teach her to write the word chocolate. What’s impressive is that this happened while Chris was out running errands and when he came back, she still remembered how to write candy. Some of her letters are backward, but they’re all pretty readable. She’s getting good!


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