Gabby’s birthday month!

Holy heat wave, Batman! It’s been crazy hot over here, clocking in around 90 in Santa Barbara for 3 days in a row and breaking all kinds of records for this time of the year. Thankfully it’s supposed to cool down for the weekend, if nothing else because Callie’s got a heat rash!

We’ve entered May, Gabby’s birthday month! So yesterday we let her choose whichever restaurant she wanted, to celebrate the beginning of her birthday month, and she picked California Pizza Kitchen. She loves the Mac and cheese there, of course she would because it’s mostly just white noodles with a hefty serving of melted butter on top. That girl LOVES her butter.

Gabby has been really into Frozen lately. We watch the movie sometimes, but mostly she just loves it when we play the music. She wants to listen to it in the car, at home, ALL THE TIME. She couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket so it’s good that she’s practicing! I can’t believe how good she is about remembering all the lyrics to all the songs. I love to sing along too so poor Chris has to tolerate our performances. ALL THE TIME. It was adorable the other day, she told me “ok, you do Anna and I’ll do Elsa.” Now she’s planning our duet!

On the Callie front, she’s been breaking out of her swaddle a lot so I had a feeling it was time to take away the swaddle. I was afraid it would be a really hard transition, but it’s been very smooth! Basically it made no difference at all in her sleep pattern. The only major difference is that now that her body is free, she’s been flipping over and sleeping on her side or stomach. It’s not the best, but there’s not much we can do about it and it will help her flat spot on the back of her head at least!

We also started Callie in food! We have given her dried rice cereal, oatmeal cereal, jarred bananas, jarred sweet potatoes, and fresh mushed up bananas. She really doesn’t like much of anything except she is crazy for fresh bananas! You couldn’t keep it coming fast enough. It’s been so hot that we’ve been giving her a little water too, and she loves that very much as well.

I have a feeling there’s a bunch of other stuff I wanted to write and cute things Gabby said, but now of course I’m forgetting all of them. Oh well.


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