New couches

Chris and I got a pretty nice chunk of money back from our taxes this year. We were joking about all the ways we could spend it, but we weren’t really serious. We just wanted to save the money for a rainy day.

Then the issues with our couches came up. We’ve had our couches for 8 years, which I guess is not super long but we’ve used them a lot. A LOT. We practically live on them. We used to eat breakfast and dinner there before having kids. We used to spend all weekend there reading and napping and playing video games before having kids (man, doesn’t that sound awesome right about now!). We work on our laptops there every night now. I slept there for the first couple of months for both kids. I hardly ever got off the couch at the end of both pregnancies! Not to mention the abuse the cats and the kids put them through. So these days they are looking really beat up. Our favorite spots have sunk so low that you go down a foot when you sit in them, and the other spots incline towards them. Never mind the stains, they’re just not comfortable or supportive anymore.

I kept saying it would be so stupid to spend money on new couches right now, having 2 young kids and all. But it suddenly dawned on me that we’ll have 2 young kids for a very long time and I’m not sure our couches would last us another 10 years, or however long it takes for the kids (ah-hem, and my husband) to be mess-free. Let’s just bite the bullet and do it now.

So with the help of my parents, who watched the kids in the mall while Chris and I were shopping couches at Macy’s, we did it! We bought new couches! Before, we had a sofa and a love seat. I never loved the configuration of our living room though, I placed the furniture and TV in what felt like the only practical arrangement. But if we were getting new couches, that would give us the opportunity to select new arrangements and layout. I really wanted a U-shaped sectional with 2 chaises and a 2-seat section in between them, so we found a layout that would make that work! We tested with our current furniture and I think it doesn’t look bad.

Here’s the layout before:

And here’s the new layout (with our current couches):

I feel like the new layout won’t win us a medal in interior design, but it’s SO nice that we won’t be watching TV at an angle anymore (it was in the “hidden” corner before, where the couches are hiding now) and it gives us a bigger play area for the kids. It will be super functional without looking terrible either. The U-shape sectional will be perfect for game nights too, so everyone can have a comfortable seat around a game board on the coffee table. I like the coziness aspect of it too.

The new sectional is a little tailored but not too chic, and it’s made with down instead of foam so it’s super comfy. And we purchased it in a fabric which has sort of a textured criss-cross mesh effect with black and white threads that looks grey from far away, but should still have a nice contrast against the grey walls because of the texture. And the texture should help camouflage any stains too, though we got a protection plan that let’s us replace any stained parts for 7 years. They only have one basic fabric in stock, so because we ordered a different one then it could take 10-12 weeks to get them. We have couches right now anyway, so we’re not in any rush! We hit a sale so we got 10% off, which helps a lot when you are buying something big like furniture!

Anyway, I’m very excited and also a little nervous! You never really know how it’s going to look in your space until you get it, it’s a leap of faith! I hope we picked something that will look nice with all the other colors in the room, the walls, the floors, the other furniture… We will see!


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