When pregnancy does weird things to your hair

A couple of years ago, I went to my hair stylist and she told me that my hair would curl quite nicely if I let it air dry rather than brush and blow dry it. I was thinking, no way! My hair isn’t curly.

Then I tried it. Lo and behold, she was right! It was great, I’d just go to bed with wet hair and I’d wake up with perfect soft curls. Score! I thought I was going crazy though because how could I not have noticed all my life that my hair is curly?!?! I’m seriously challenged when it comes to hair and makeup, so I just chucked it to me not knowing what the heck I was doing.

Then I gave birth to Callie and POOF! What the heck, why is that trick with my curls not working?! Shortly thereafter, I saw a friend post a picture of herself on Facebook, commenting on how her hair went from straight to super curly when she had her second child. That’s when it clicked… I wasn’t crazy! I didn’t have curly hair my whole life and not know it, my hair must have changed to curly when I had Gabby.

Now with the end of the second pregnancy, it went back to straight like I remember it always being. Pregnancy just does the weirdest things to your body, ugh?!


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