Ice skating, and also ice falling

We had an interesting weekend…

Saturday morning, Gabby had soccer class. Gabby refused to play last week, but she went for it this time!

After that we went to an Easter brunch at a friend’s house. The kids did an Easter egg hunt, and we all had a great time.

Gabby was tired after that but she was being kind of crazy and destructive at home, so I tried to think of something we could do far away so that she would hopefully nap in the car. The plan we came up with was to try ice skating in Ventura, followed with couch shopping and dinner at Olive Garden.

Well. Things didn’t go according to plan.

First of all, she didn’t nap in the car, darn. Chris and Gabby ice skated while Callie and I watched. Gabby was super excited and they were having a great time, that is until Gabby took a nasty fall. She fell right on her face. There was blood everywhere! I picked her up and brought up to the skate rental counter to get some ice – ironic, isn’t it? I wiped some of the blood off so I could see the extent of the damage, and it had already stopped significantly. Somehow there was no cut anywhere but blood was coming out of the gums. Her teeth didn’t seem too obviously loose or anything, and with the bleeding under control and no serious open wound, we decided she didn’t really need urgent medical attention and that we should drive back to Santa Barbara. The guys at the counter at the ice rink felt SO bad for her. I’m sure they’ve seen their fair share of blood working at an ice rink, but it looks so much worse when it’s coming out of a little girl! Everyone commented on how well she took it though, Gabby was a real champ. She cried at first, of course, but she quickly went down to a whimper and she was very cooperative in letting me inspect her wound and getting her cleaned up and iced. On the way home, she even asked that we turn around cause she still wanted to eat at Olive Garden! Uhh, no way!!

After getting home, we look at it again. The gum was still bleeding a tiny bit and everything was so swollen, we decided to be on the safe side and take her to the ER. She wouldn’t need stitches but we were worried for her teeth. The doctor said it didn’t look bad, although one front top tooth is wiggly, he thought it would heal and settle back in. Nevertheless, we obviously want her to be very careful with her tooth to give it the best chance to settle rather than fall out. It’s “just a baby tooth” (as the ER doctor and nurses said), but we’d rather NOT have her missing a front tooth for 2 years until the permanent one comes in, thank you very much.

We’ll call the dentist tomorrow to get her checked out and see how careful he thinks we/she needs to be. Today was hell, having to watch her like a hawk and reminding her every 2 seconds not to touch her tooth with her tongue or her fingers. I know it’s super annoying to have that injury in the mouth, so I can understand how hard it is to leave it alone. Hopefully the dentist will tell us we’re being too cautious.

Poor thing’s got such a fat lip now, she looks like she got a really bad lip injection! The swelling’s gone down quite a bit just today alone, so she’ll be back to normal soon. We’re just really happy that, even if she loses a tooth, at least it wasn’t an eye! The whole thing looks much better today though, we’re pretty confident the tooth will be fine.

Perhaps we’ll try roller skating next time…


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