On meeting nice people in unexpected places

For his wedding ring, Chris picked a tungsten carbide band. He lost some weight though and now his ring is too big… He lost it twice in the last month as it flew off his finger! He found it both times, but he wanted to buy a new (smaller) ring so he wouldn’t lose the original for good. That’s the problem with tungsten carbide, you can’t get it resized.

So this week we went shopping at Macy’s for a ring, figuring it may be the only place in town that sells jewelry in our price range. The guy at Macy’s was kind of rude, plus they only had like 10 men’s rings to choose from, so we passed. Strolling downtown, we walked passed a little jewelry boutique that looked expensive but we figured why not just walk in and check it out anyway. No harm in looking.

We are very happy we did!

They didn’t have the ring Chris was hoping to find, which is pretty much exactly what he already has, but they offered to order it for him. Meanwhile we started talking with this older guy who works there. He told us the shop opened in 1918! It was owned by someone else, then he worked there for 13 years and eventually took over the business. He’s now 92 and still going strong! He was born and raised in Santa Barbara, maybe that’s how well people age around here? I hope! He had triplets, all girls, one of which took over the family business. She was the lady who took care of ordering Chris’ ring.

In the end, I’m sure we could have saved a little money by shopping at a big brand store or online, but we were happy to support this local business instead. There’s not many places that have been successfully in business for almost 100 years! And such nice people. Fun to get a sense of Santa Barbara history!


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