I got sick of being stuck at 136, so I decided to switch it up by gaining weight. !#*^!

At least it was 137.0… Not too far, ha!

In the goal of keeping up with exercise, I signed up for a hip hop dance class! Now that Callie is getting a little older, I really to start up yoga again. However, I wanted to find a class late enough that I could still put both kids to bed and then leave after everyone was asleep. No luck, but while I was searching I did find a hip hop dance class at the perfect time for me. It’s always been of those things I wanted to try but never had the guts to, so why not! At the beginning of the first class last week, the teacher had everyone introduce themselves and I was the oldest person there by 10 years, that included the teacher too. I guess my hip hop years are behind me. It showed, because I was quite frankly terrible, but it was a lot of fun! Plus, exercise is exercise, right? It’s nice having a little variety.


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