5 months + 2 teeth

Another month has come and gone, I can’t believe it. I still feel like Callie is my newborn baby, but then I look at her and there’s no denying she doesn’t look like a newborn anymore!

She got a little gift for her 5 month birthday, two little gifts to be exact. You could see her bottom teeth below the skin for a few days now. I checked her mouth when she woke up this morning and they were still not out. Then my mom texted me around 10am to say one tooth was out. I checked again when I got home to see her new tooth and they were TWO teeth out. All in a day’s work!

Her little hands are becoming more and more of a problem. She usually sits on my lap during meals and she’s getting really good at grabbing my plate, grabbing my utensils, pulling the tablecloth… I have to fight her to keep my food!

I forgot how much trouble babies are!

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