Word-of-mouth compliments

I was speaking with a friend who’s child goes to Gabby’s preschool, and she said that one of the teachers told her husband something along the line that Gabby was one of her favorite kids to watch because she is very intelligent but not in a traditional way, that she always does things differently.

I’m taking the story with a grain of salt since it’s pretty much only hearsay, but I did find it hilarious. It goes well with what we were told by another teacher during the parent-teacher conference, that Gabby is always experimenting and finding new ways to use things.

Hearing this makes me feel more validated in my own opinion of Gabby. Even when she was much younger, whenever I setup a new activity for her that I had found online, she never did the activity how she was supposed to! I figured Gabby must just be really weird, and what do you know, I guess she really is 🙂

One more thing this teacher told the other kid’s dad is that in class she brought up photosynthesis and Gabby was the only kid who already knew what it was! I had to laugh at that one, more so at our expense than Gabby’s this time. Gabby is definitively the product of two very nerdy parents. She doesn’t know what an iron is, but she does know what photosynthesis is!


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