Cuddle time

It’s no surprise that I often wake up tired, what with getting up at all hours of the night and whatnot. So when Gabby wakes up in the morning, I’m usually in a mood where I’d be willing to murder baby kittens if that meant I could get and extra 5 minutes of sleep.

I try to convince Gabby that cuddling in bed with me would be the coolest thing in the world. Thankfully she’s getting in a habit of it now, so it’s not much of a fight. I know from experience that it never lasts longer than 5 or 10 minutes and there’s no way I’m getting back to sleep with that wiggly worm next to me anyway, but at least those extra minutes give me time to wake up. That extra time laying down is my coffee. Plus, I like cuddling with her!

Of course, sometimes Callie wakes up at the same time as Gabby or shortly thereafter, and I am pulled out of bed without my cuddle time. My extra minutes of rest, darn! So for the first time last week, I decided, “hey, maybe I can take Callie to cuddle with us!”

Best idea ever! Both girls thought this was awesome. I put Callie in between me and Gabby (Chris always gets up a little earlier so he’s out of bed already), and she just kept looking back and forth to me and Gabby and laughing. She thought laying down with us was hilarious!

Of course Gabby couldn’t keep her body to herself. She knew I’d probably tell her to back off if she touched Callie too much, so instead she just got unbelievably close and waited for Callie to grab her. “Callie holding my shirt! Callie’s pulling my hair!”

Later Gabby told Chris all about how Callie pulled her hair. She failed to mentioned she had practically put her hair in Callie hand! Isn’t that a convenient omission!

And now, pictures.


Gabby’s finally gotten better about not just writing zig zags everywhere! And if you, like me, are wondering why she’s writing musical notes, I’ve been told they are lower case i’s and b’s.

The girls first bath together. Chris ran to Home Depot one evening so I was alone with both girls when Callie got tired and cranky. What to do, what to do? Stick ’em both in water!


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