Still the same weight check in as last week. I had a super stressful week at work last week and Callie’s not sleeping super great lately (she’s breaking out of her swaddle and waking herself up), so I took my energy where I could find it: in food! I’m just glad the scale didn’t go up.

In other news, I think Callie had a growth spurt because her 6-months clothes were suddenly tight this weekend. She’s officially been upgraded to her 9-months wardrobe! Still not rolling over though (she hates it when we put her laying down, stomach or back), that girl is all about the sitting and standing! She’s getting pretty good walking just holding our hands, I think she will skip rolling and crawling entirely.

Last week was spring break and Gabby was attending zoo camp. Unfortunately she was on antibiotics for recurring double ear infections, and the meds were making her act completely insane! You’d swearing she was on steroids. The zoo called us to pick her up once because she was hysterical, and we got some “incident reports” from them too. They may have her photo on a board somewhere, blacklisted! She’s done with the meds now AND I got her in to see a doctor to make sure the ear infections were totally gone. They are, phew! Let’s hope it doesn’t come back again.

Meanwhile, Chris was going to work at 5am since zoo camp ended at 2pm instead of 5pm like school. It was a tough week for everyone!

Here’s to hoping April brings health and sleep!


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