Parent-teacher conference

It’s spring break here, and we were scheduled to meet Gabby’s teacher this morning. The discussion wasn’t incredibly eye-opening, mostly she just said things we already knew! On her evaluation, Gabby scored below average on two things: impulse control and personal safety.


The teacher mentioned that Gabby is always experimenting, using stuff in ways they weren’t meant to be used but always learning something from it. I swear, if this kid doesn’t end up in science…

Gabby is loving Chinese class, and will attend it at every chance she gets. (No kid is forced to attend the specialized classes, it’s only by interest.) She used to love math class, but she’s had a falling out with that in the last month or so. She even told me the other day that “math class is hard.” It was so disheartening for me to hear that since it’s our favorite subject. Then Chris reminded me that the stuff they are doing in math at that age isn’t really math, it’s basically just memorization. That made me feel better! There’s still a chance.

Some recent development is that she started to write. We always had to beg her to practice writing her name, or even just a G. So the other day I decided maybe she was really bored with us asking her the same thing every time, so instead I told her I’d teach her how to write zoo. I took out her notebook and pens and started writing a Z, then she pushed me out of the way and wrote “zoo” all on her own! We asked the teacher if they had taught her how to write zoo at school, and they hadn’t! It’s so fun to see her picking up stuff on her own. Her teacher showed us a paper on which Gabby had written “F zoo”, because she wanted to say “Faith, do you want to go to the zoo with me?” The teacher said it was a good thing that she processed the idea of writing a sentence and in what order things went and that they were distinct words and whatnot. Fun, fun, fun!

One more thing the teacher mentioned, which again was no surprise to us, is that Gabby gets frustrated easily and quits if something doesn’t come naturally to her rather than work persistently on mastering a skill that proves challenging to her. I have no idea where she gets that from, ah-hem.


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