Pi day

First of all, Callie had her 4-month check up yesterday. She is 71st percentile for height, 37th for height, and right around 50th for head. It’s weird that she sounds so skinny by the numbers, when in person she looks like a normal well-fed baby with chunky thighs and everything! The doctor actually said the same thing. She’s following the same percentiles as last time though, so it’s not a huge concern that she’s so light in proportion to her height. At least she’s consistent. The poor thing got her first cold though, so she’s a snotty mess. A snotty mess who’s been keeping us up all night the past two nights!

Anyway, today is pi day, 3/14! I’ve been trying to explain to Gabby what pi day is, because she thinks it’s “cakes and pie day”, and I suppose it didn’t help the confusion that we made actual pies to celebrate pi day.

Me: It’s pi day! Do you know what we celebrate on pi day?
Gabby: Cakes and pies!
Me: No, we celebrate the number pi. Its value is 3.14. Do you know what it means when there’s a “point” in a number?
Gabby: No.
Me: 3.14 means 3 and then a little bit more.
Gabby: ok.
Me: Can you say 3.14?
Gabby: 3.14!
Me: Do you know what we use the number pi for?
Gabby: No.
Me: We use it to calculate how big around a circle is. So if you see your math teacher today, tell him happy pi day. And then tell him what we celebrate on pi day. What do we celebrate on pi day?
Gabby: Cakes and pie!



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