Ever since Callie had her bad colic month at 2 months, she’s been sleeping in a Fisher Price Rock and Play Sleeper. It looks like this:

That thing has saved our sanity!! We don’t even use the rocking, it’s just setup in her nursery and she sleeps in there alone very well. At 7pm, I swaddle her, feed her, then put her in sleeper. She usually makes it all the way until 4 or 5am for her first feed of the night. After I’m done feeding her, she usually goes back to sleep until 6:30. It’s awesome but also annoying. I don’t want to be up for the day at 4-5am, but it’s just painful to try going back to sleep for only 30 minutes or an hour before Gabby wakes up. Oh well, some mornings I can manage to fall back asleep and some I can’t, but at least I can relax in bed for a little bit!

There was a few days a couple of weeks ago when Callie actually slept through the night all the way to 6:30am!! That was super nice for me, but she was waking up REALLY upset… She must have been really hungry!

Everything was going so well, so I was really hesitant about switching her from the sleeper to the crib. I’ve been really wanting to move her to the crib though, because she’s almost 4 months and still not rolling over. I feel like she’s not getting that extra work out time pumping her legs and twisting herself around that she’d be getting in a crib as she wakes up. She can’t really move in that inclined seated position in the sleeper. I also wanted to move earlier rather than later. I figured the longer she sleeps in that position, the harder the transition to sleeping laying down will be! However, she was sleeping so well and I didn’t want to bite the bullet.

In the last week she started sleeping a little worse though, usually waking up twice: once at midnight and once at 4am. That’s brutal for me because I’m only getting sleep in 2 or 3 hour segments. Exhausting! But that made it a good time to switch beds since I wasn’t sleeping much anyway. The first night in her crib this weekend she woke up twice, as she had done in previous nights, so nothing was lost. The last couple of nights, she’s back to waking up once around 5am. Pretty smooth transition! Here’s to hoping it stays that way.


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