I saw all my friends post cute pictures of their kids playing in our first major rain of the season. It looked like this:

And of course, Gabby has to take it to the next level.

If you think she fell down, she didn’t.

The rain storm was more than just rain. It was wind, high surf warnings, and even tornado warnings. Amazingly, some idiots decided it would be really cool to eat at a beach restaurant this morning to watch the big waves. Restaurants near the Goleta pier and on the Santa Barbara pier actually had longer-than-usual lines to get in! Of course, the only thing they did was give the local authorities more work to do, because waves started to crash inside of the restaurants. You can see it in this video taken in Goleta, where an employee was actually dragged out to sea by a wave that crashed in the restaurant earlier that day (he made it out ok). And this video from a restaurant on the Santa Barbara pier. Crazy stuff!


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