Today needs an award for being awesome

Today we were expecting a lot of rain so the preschool organized a “wear your pajamas to school” day since they would be stuck indoors all day. They announced it a few days ago and oh my gosh, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Gabby so excited to go to school. She’s been planning her outfit all week! She picked her Ninja Turtles pajamas, of course. She also brought her bunny slippers to school, you know, the ones she’s never worn longer than 1 minute because she can’t tolerate having anything on her feet?! I wonder if wearing them at school made them last any longer.

School was doubly exciting today because they were allowed to bring one item for show-and-tell. She hadn’t changed her mind all week about the TMNT pajamas, but she did hesitate a lot about what to bring for show and tell. She wavered about bringing some cool toys and some really boring toys, in my opinion. The stuffed owl, really?! I mean, I love stuffed animals as much as the next person—probably more, just ask the Build-A-Bear Pinkie Pie I bought “for Gabby”, cough cough—but they’re not really exciting to share. She ended up bringing one of my old cubicle toys, a white plastic light-up chameleon that’s got a light sensor underneath so he turns the same color as whatever he’s sitting on. It’s actually pretty cool, and fun for everyone to play with. Great pick, I think she will win show-and-tell.

What do you mean, that’s not how show-and-tell works?!

As for me, I failed to mention I bought myself a ukulele a couple of weeks ago! Someone was talking about ukuleles, and it dawned on me it would be the perfect little instrument for me to pick up and play with the kids around. There’s no setup and cleanup time involved, unlike my saxophone, and I can bring it anywhere in the house or outside. It’s small so it’s fairly quiet, again unlike the saxophone which can deafen a mole from a mile away. It’s the perfect pick-up-and-go sing-along whenever-you-have-2-minutes instrument!

I wasn’t in the market to buy a new music instrument because they are so expensive, but I was so surprised when I looked into it. A decent ukulele starts at like $30! And there’s a ton of free learning material online, so it could not be more affordable.

I’ve been trying to play it a little bit every day, it’s so cute and dainty! Callie loves it, so I prop her up to face me on the couch and she’ll happily listen to me play for a good 10 minutes. She always smiles when I start singing, which is sweet. Sometimes it even stops her from fussing, super score!

Since I know some people on Facebook that play the ukulele, I asked for recommendation on learning material other than what I’ve already been using. A friend from work saw my note and commented that she thought there was some guys at the office who were ukulele players. I thought it would be cool to form a little lunch group to all play and learn together, so I asked around. Well, guess what… There is ALREADY a ukulele lunch group at my work!! What are the odds, right?!

The group meets every Friday, so I attended today for the first time and we practiced playing Let It Be by The Beatles. One of the guys is a really good ukulele player, and there’s a handful of us beginners. One guy plays the base really well, so he has the string instrument know-how to do a decent job. And thankfully, one other guy is basically just starting out and has no previous string experience, so I’m not so far behind him. I’m happy to have found this little group so I can put in more practice time and really stick with it, not to mention, hey, it’s basically free lessons!

Back at home, my mom made us dinner, complete with cupcakes, ice cream, and wine.

Seriously, this day can not get any better. Which is good because tomorrow I’m going to the dentist to get my second crown of the month done. Sigh.


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