Taste adventures

If it were up to Gabby, we’d be eating the same food at the same 3 restaurants for the rest of our lives. And for the most part, we have a tendency to do that anyway. It’s really sad.

However, every once in a while, we’re in the mood for something new. The problem is, how do you sell your preschooler on the idea of trying something new?! You hype it up, that’s how.

A while back we wanted to try a new fancy burger restaurant downtown that everyone had been raving about. So I sell Gabby on the idea that we’re going on a “taste adventure.” OH MY GOSH! A taste adventure!! It’s going to be so much fun, Gabby! It’s like an adventure FOR YOUR MOUTH! WOW!!! My mouth can hardly wait!

Funny part is, not only did it work, but now she’s totally into “taste adventures.” The other night she said maybe we could get bagels this weekend instead of muffins or donuts. I told her there’s a really good bagel shop we could try and she told me she was really excited about going there for a taste adventure. It cracks me up that she calls them “taste adventures” now. As if that was really a thing. My total BS is catching on.

So for tonight, we wanted to try a new pizza place. I had heard about a couple of new pizzerias in town. I let Gabby pick whichever one sounded coolest to her. Again, yay, taste adventure!

The place ended up being a huge hit. We ordered three 12″ pizzas, thinking we’d bring the leftovers home. What do you know, we ate it all. The pizzas were amazing. Gabby, who is not usually a huge pizza person, ate nearly a whole pizza to herself, I am not even exaggerating. For those who have been to Seattle with us, the pizza was pretty similar to that of Serious Pie. We are so happy to have found this new place! Hurray for taste adventures!


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