One pound up. Oh man, I’m going to have to pay for that pound twice!!

Actually, they say it isn’t good to diet/lose weight too quickly while breastfeeding. So even though losing 5 lbs in two weeks felt incredibly exciting and rewarding, I wanted to take it easy this last week. I gave myself a wild card to eat whatever I wanted on Valentine’s day. My mom made us Rice Krispie treats, I pigged out on chili cheese fries at dinner, and I introduced Gabby to chocolate fondue for dessert.

Just when I thought Valentine’s day was over and I’d be going back to normal food, my mom bought me 3 boxes of Girl Scouts cookies! I told myself I’d only eat 3 cookies and then bring the rest to share to work… But I think you can all guess how well that plan worked. 3 cookies was more like the entire box. In one day. Hey, at least 2 boxes survived for my coworkers!

Not to mention I didn’t work out on Valentine’s day, because, duh, it’s Valentines day. Then I didn’t work out on Saturday or Sunday because I felt like I’d been punched in the mouth by my dentist.

So overall, not a good week for the waistline, but the break was well deserved, I’d say. Yesterday things went back to normal, including 30 minutes on the treadmill. I usually give up after 20, so go me.

Moving along…


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