Have a baby, lose a tooth

My first visit to the dentist postpartum revealed some not so good news. Two cavities: one was definitively going to need a crown, the other maybe a filling or maybe a crown. My dentist told me about this saying, “have a baby, lose a tooth.” I didn’t lose any teeth with Gabby, but if those two cavities end up both needing crowns, topped with the crown I got in August after I cracked a molar, that makes 3 “lost” teeth during the last pregnancy.

If I needed another reason not to have more kids, I think my body would be the top one. I don’t care about the weight gain and stretch marks, but I would like to keep my teeth, thank you very much.

Part of me feels embarrassed about needing so much dental work, as if it’s a statement on my person… But then I’ve been reading this one blog for a long time and the mom just had her 5th baby. She had one cavity her whole life, but at her first dentist appointment after her last child they found 10 cavities. Ten! It makes me feel better, in a twisted way. I don’t like to laugh at other people’s misfortune, but I feel better knowing I’m not alone. This is something that happens, apparently.

I had one crown done yesterday. Ouch. The next one will be in two weeks. Not fun!


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