Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Last night I left a little gift for Gabby on the kitchen table, so it’d be a surprise when she woke up this morning. Rain boots, a watering can, windows clings, bubbles, a little bucket, and a card.

I was a little worried about providing so much excitement that early in the morning. When it comes to little kids, excitement sure has a way to backlash.

Anyway, she woke up and came to our room. I told her she had a gift waiting for her in the kitchen. “Really?” She started spinning in circles in anticipation. “And I can open it?!” Of course! She ran to the kitchen screaming thank yous before she even got there.

She was so appreciative, you’d swear we’d never bought her anything in her life. After opening her card, she said “aww, you bought the perfect card for me, mommy.” Isn’t that the sweetest thing?!

And then, yes, she totally backlashed. Within 5 minutes, she went from cute-and-polite to cowering-under-the-table-and-crying-hysterically. I guess it’s how they calibrate themselves. After her emotional state had rediscovered its neutral position, she was fine. She wore her new rain boots to school—the subtle fact that rain boots are RAIN boots is completely lost on her—along with her new pink outfit from grandma.

I apologized to Chris for buying our daughter a Valentine’s day gift but nothing for him. He said it was ok because he didn’t buy anything for me either. Aren’t we sweet?

Tonight’s special event is chocolate fondue for dessert, we’ll see how that goes. Bountiful bowl of chocolate VS preschooler? I’m just asking for trouble today!


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